Ever been minding your own business and then some random slides into your DM’s with a pitch for some sort of Passive Crypto Investment Opportunity?

You know the ones I am talking about; you buy some sort of investment package for say $299 and your investment gets locked up for 180 days and you receive 1% interest every day by means of there “unique trading algorithm” or maybe it’s a “cloud mining service”.

They will often use words like blockchain protocol, smart contracts and matrix systems, words you do not understand but they make the product sound legit right?.


So the point of this series of articles is about understanding and developing a strategy to trade smarter not harder (or more often).

As stated in the Part 1; “One thing to consider is our ability as traders and our emotional downfalls in our decision making.
Anyone who has been in this game long enough, will understand that the majority of the time we lose, it is not because the market didnt do what you thought it would, in fact a lot of the time YOU got in your way and freaked your self out.
Panic selling the dips, fomoing into the…

“There is more than one way to skin a cat”
This is true, there are lots of different ways to complete specific tasks and its impossible to say one way it better than the other, or one way is wrong and the other is right.
Because if you end up with the same result or the desired outcome you wanted to achieve then who is anyone to argue that its wrong?

I’m a mechanical engineer turn financial market trader, my skillset in my previous profession as an engineer was to have a thorough understanding of how things work and what…

by Donny Coller

So a follow up from my recent article >> Indexing in Crypto I mentioned a product I have used in the past called HODLBOT >> Link .
I will start of by saying this is by no means a shill, I’m not affiliated with this product or have any financial gain in you using it, its a service I have used in the past with great success and thought it would be very handy for a lot of you guys and girls out there. …

“Just spread your money across the 10 and HODL”

Solid advice from the depths of Facebook Finance Gurus…. some might even go as far to call it Indexing.

Indexing can be a useful tool in investing but there are a few different theories and not all indexing uses the same data to build an index, but a lot are built around market cap which is what the Facebook gurus are normally looking at.

But there is a big difference being active and passive indexing, you see the theory of buying the current top 10 and hold is great if the current top 10 are going to be cemented as…

by Donny Coller

I'm sure you have all at some stage heard about the amazing effects of compounding specially when it comes to finance.

In traditional markets we have what's called a Dividend Re-Investment Plan or “DRIP”, where the Dividend pay outs (Interest earned) is Re-Invested back into the market to purchase more Shares, to then make more interest on your interest.
This is commonly known as Compounding interest and is a continuous cycle of being able to infinitely print money, or simply putting your money to work to earn more money. …

By Donny Coller

This one is mind boggling to me, we have all seen newly self crowned experts on social media making wild predictions of $1000 valuations of the latest crypto token to hit Twitter.

But before you get your hopes up or buy into these guru’s bullsh!t, take a moment to understand the economics behind what is known as a “utility token” and see if their evaluation lines up.
Now dont get confused with my words here, I’m not saying prices wont go up and down or if some of their “predictions” are some what close to the ball…

Now I'm going to share with you one of my simple strategies on how I trade the crypto market in what I call “The Trending Market Bias”

Its very simple to understand but takes a lot of patience to put into practice and is more suited to seasoned traders who probably trade more markets than just crypto and is less susceptible to the emotional swings from the volatility.

This strategy isn’t about catching tops or bottoms, its actually a bias indicator that tells me which side of the fence I should be playing on…..
Am I a Bear or am…

And now the final piece to the puzzle to put everything you have just learnt into a neat little package that makes sense and will have you on your way to making the correct decisions when charting and trading this market.

In this article we need to understand a few key fundamentals of trading any market and then see how it applies to the world of crypto, so first lets understand “The Benchmark”

When we talk about the US equity markets there is number of indices and ETF’s that track some of the largest companies in specific sectors to give…

Ok time to move onto Part 2 of the “How to trade the crypto market series”, this one might cook your brain a little, but please take the time to read it a few times if the math is confusing.

What is an Arbitrage triangle?

An arbitrage triangle is a result of a discrepancy between three different assets that corelate together in a specific market.

A really easy break down to understand the triangle is to use basic items you’re familiar with and figures easy to understand, so lets make an example below.

Lets say we are at a farmers…

Donovan Coller

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